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The Immaterial Perfect Matrix Of Perfect Matter


The present day need in technology

The 1960s were characterized by a great extent of science and technology optimism.

Predictions were made of how in the year 2000, scientific attainments would have created a new and better world.   

  • Health: All illnesses would have been eradicated by 2000. People would be healthy till very old age.
  • Abundance: Technical solutions would remove the need for work and create abundance. 
  • Wealth: Abundance would create wealth for everyone. The age of the playing human (homo ludens) would start. Life would just be a life of innocent play.
  • Transport: People would move around in flying saucers

It is not difficult to recognize in this vision a golden age on earth.

When we do the reality check for this vision with the present situation of 2023, we see –

  • Health: Sixty percent of Americans have one or more chronic illnesses. 
  • Abundance: A worldwide scarcity in energy resources, food, clean water, rare earth metals, unspoiled nature.   
  • Wealth: Ninety percent of the world’s population lives in poverty.

Concluding, we can say: It is not that there is a delay in reaching the vision, but instead of the expected upward trend, we have created a downward trend.

This should be a wake-up call for science since, to change a downward trend into an upward trend, we should do something in a very different way than we do now.

It is not difficult to see what should be different:

All technologies that we have now bring some benefit, but at the same time, they have in some way destructive effects. These destructive sides are being swept under the carpet so that they are not visible, and most people are not aware of them. But the destructive effects are still going on at an increasing rate, and the practical consequences of them are now coming back to us in the form of huge problems that can bring our world to the edge of a total collapse.

So, what is really needed in technology?

To solve the problems of this time, we would need solutions of a level that is completely beyond that what we have now. New Technologies should be:

  • Non-violent
  • Non-destructive
  • Non-polluting
  • Non-poisoning
  • And should bring abundance instead of leading to scarcity. 

The present day need in science.

We can ask: why did mainstream science not reach this higher level of technology?

To answer that, we need to understand better what determines science.

Science is determined by the scientific worldview, scientific attitude, and scientific method.

The scientific worldview of mainstream science is that of mechanistic materialism.

Since science has taken over the role of religion in being perceived in this world as the authority of truth, this is not only the belief system of mainstream science, but it also has become the worldview of most educated people in the world of today.

The most important assumptions of mechanistic materialism are:

– Matter is the only thing that exists 

– Consciousness is nothing more than some chemical reactions in the brain 

– Consciousness has no influence on science.

These assumptions have been disproved by results from the following non-mainstream fields of research and experience.

– Research of near-death experiences 

– Incarnation research 

– Out-of-body experiences

– Regression therapy

– The observation of quantum phenomena, such as the influence of human consciousness on the outcome of the double slit experiment, and the phenomenon of quantum entanglement

In raga yoga meditation, we can experience and realize that: 

– We are not the material body, but the immaterial living consciousness 

– The immaterial living consciousness is…. 

– in the body but separate from the body 

– is using the body as an instrument

Many aspects are being confirmed by findings of the forementioned non-mainstream fields of research.

So, in essence, mainstream science is ignoring half of our reality which is the dimension of consciousness. However, consciousness is the most important half of reality since it is the creative source of our material world. Therefore, the quality of our consciousness determines the quality of our creations and, thus, of science. The conclusion, therefore, is that to reach the forementioned higher level of technology, there is a need in science to realize the important role of consciousness, and the need to reach a higher level of consciousness in science.  

Unlocking higher levels of consciousness in science

Let us now look at what determines the quality of our consciousness. 

In the 1970s, the communication model of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) introduced the concept of filters of perception. A simplified version is shown below.

In essence, the acquired content of our consciousness creates our filters of perception.

Everyone creates his own unique filters consisting of acquired belief systems, values, prejudices, likes and dislikes, agendas, desires, fears, mindsets, attitudes, etc., which give a coloured view that is a relative truth. We project our coloured worldview in front of us and go in that direction.

We can now also understand that an absolute truth exists, which is the absence of filters of perception, where there are no longer “coloured glasses”.

If we want a higher level of science, we need to go beyond our own limited filters of perception and connect with the source of absolute truth, which is beyond the dimension of matter and, therefore, ever pure and without filters. 

How can scientists use their own personality qualities to transcend the limited consciousness?

The Myers-Briggs personality indicator shows us 4 pairs of complementing qualities of which 1 dominates in every person. The combinations of them lead to 16 personality types which are successfully used in personality typing for professions.

Scientists are generally found in two of these personality types. This can be illustrated with two model scientists who have reached a higher level of newness in science: 

Albert Einstein (theoretical scientist) has personality type INTP

Nikola Tesla (engineer / inventor) has personality type INTJ

Both have in common the I, N and T qualities, so let us look at the higher level of these qualities, which bring excellence.

N = Intuitive 

The higher level in this is not to use the horizontal intuition of gut feelings but the higher intuition that reaches upwards to the highest source.

I = Introvert 

The higher level of this is not just to seek solitude in the physical sense but to have a love for going into mental silence to give a chance to the higher intuition to receive newness.

T = Thinker 

The higher level of this is to use positive elevated thoughts, thoughts relating to experiential truth about the self and the highest source, which bring the restless mind into a higher stage where it experiences a coming home. In this “coming home”, the mind becomes satisfied so that there is no need any more for it to search and wander around. Therefore, mental silence is experienced in a natural way. If, in this mental silence, we are connecting ourselves to the highest source, which is the source of absolute truth, then we will be open to receiving inspiration of a higher level of truth.

Secondly, to use not only mental intelligence (which is rational thinking) but also emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence in the sense of keeping an elevated aim, elevated vision, and elevated ethics.

As an illustration, we give below some quotes of the two model scientists about their own experiences in this: 

Albert Einstein

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you want, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.”

Nikola Tesla

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” 


We can conclude that the call of time for scientists is to create a habit of going into mental silence in order to connect with the highest source of truth. By and by, this will give a chance to new solutions for technology of the highest level to emerge, solutions that are non-destructive and create abundance.  We warmly invite the reader to experiment in a practical way with the help of the video published on 14 Nov in Science in Silence: 

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