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Peace & Ethics

Realistic Hope

We know that our consciousness produces the universal conditions, so our world. Then, how do we attain the highest conscious quality of our mind and intellect that provides new, healthy, abundant conditions and technology on earth?
The quote attributed to Einstein, “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it”, confirms the need for a re-awakening of mankind’s original awareness, that is extremely loving, and highly intelligent, yet, at the same time free from arrogance.

If we let go of the fear and greed-based attitude of this world and take a step of courage, this ancient and new awareness can reveal itself to each human being. If we widen our view beyond so far rational thinking and the tunnel-vision of specialization upon specialization…if we choose to listen to our higher intuition at every step. Then, we can adopt a new kind of ethics that replaces internal and external violence with love, mutual respect, humility and real self esteem. If we gently let go for a moment of now belief systems and harsh intellectual concepts and find the deepest truth by connecting ourselves with the source of truth, that is, a spark of energy from beyond the universe of matter. Then, our inner world will be nourished by the recognition of our immaterial origin and will be abundant, and the outer world, people, matter, so technology, will start to mirror this and bring about long lasting non-violent solutions.
In this new awareness, we stop suppressing our inner conscience, and peace, love, non-violence and plenty become our natural nature, the more we link with that divine source that recreates our ancient ethical stability.
We will live in a new awakened collective consciousness of peace and the world of scarcity, slavery, and inequality will end and usher in an era that our aware-self remembers and recalls into reality.
This conscious call is the trigger for it to by and by arise and become stable, practical and technological solution.

Let us recall it and be inextinguishable p e a c e and non violent p o w e r… and let us allow matching material energy and ethically clean technology to take a practical refined creator role on this very globe.

Fragments for the Finally Complete
A New World Design

Excerpts of Prof. Dr. Jochem Unger’s book:
Cause and Effect: Application of Natural System Properties for a World Corresponding to Environmental Needs
In dialogue with PEACE and ETHICS

Albert Einstein
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.  A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move towards higher levels.

Nicolas Tesla
The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence

Prof Jochem Unger
There are (now) no active technical systems without failure!
The danger to human life is accepted with approval. Accidents by drivers caused by incorrect switching of traffic lights, and the use of active systems (adaptive cruise control, emergency braking system, collision warning, etc.) in self-driving cars also belong to this category. Active safety systems are unacceptable, especially in systems with a high hazard potential, such as current nuclear technology. In the context of nuclear technology, these are to be avoided in the future. In the future, nuclear technology must be designed to be safe according to the laws of nature. The problem is not the nuclear technology, but its design towards inherently safe behavior, which was and is being prevented by politics . Irrespective of this policy which discredits creation, (creation lives from the interaction between mass and energy), mankind will not be able to do without the use of nuclear technology in the future. Humanity’s problem is people who don’t want to live in harmony with creation. …… Only people with a general education and a creative mindset (Studium Generale) can lead human society into a secure future.

Our experience says, that the above mentioned must be an education given to human consciousness, of the immaterial aspect of a human being, of the soul.
The ability of high experiencing and high thinking depends on being aware of human identity as immaterial consciousness and its inherent re dignifying absolute energy of peace, that once individually re-experienced through the recognition of the ONE immaterial energy (in religion called God, Allah, Ishwar, etc.), naturally feels, thinks, acts, in an abundance of absolute non-violence, so the nuclear technology of this forthcoming humanity. It does not make sense to peacelessly demand peace, but to learn that a human once has been a being of abundant, stable peace, so its science with all its practical nuclear applications, interdisciplinary ethics, politics, etc.

Prof. Jochem Unger
Our kind of living is not sufficiently supported by natural science. We are still prisoners of an unrealistic world of beliefs.

..yes, and not of the experience of consciousness as peace

Prof Jochem Unger:

… and are at the very beginning of possible technological developments.
To create propulsions for journeys with light velocity, to replace fotovoltaics by neutrino voltaics, etc., we should use natural system properties, that creation (humanity) and nature have given to us.

The experiential re discovery of consciousness as peace and natural, perfect non-violence, enables us to re-identify and use them.

Prof Jochem Unger:

….from partial reality to absolute reality …..

Nuclear technological possibilities without geological repositories ….

From energy converters to the creation of electricity with the radiation from the universe

Applications in the military field are consciously excluded

Presumed fundamental aspects of creation (system properties) can be confirmed or falsified by experiments of natural science. The origin of these divine system properties cannot be explained with a human intellect


But with a divine intellect of the awakened human consciousness, that can be aquired in these very days.

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Miracles are actually an effect of automatically and completely effective laws deriving from the immaterial world to the material one.
In this time full of ignorance and blind faith miracles are considered as an inexplicable salvation from another sphere, inaccessible to the consciousness of the human of post-paradise.

People who experienced paradise in previous lives, remember their natural union as human beings of light residing in the matter of the material body, handling the world and universe with ease in this immaterial awareness.  Through their longing for that world, it is easy for them to create an inner world of new reality

However, people who have experienced paradise in pre-birth remember man’s natural connection with matter, and the world of immaterial light. For them, it is easy to create an inner real world through the longing for and memory of that former connection, which allows to re-experience paradise . This inner soul process is initiated and perfected by the causal immaterial energy, which resembles a timeless spark of light. This absolute essence of all truth is the only being capable of this. It is unquenchable peace, its human soul-creation, once reawakened by IT, is equal. ITs peace gathered in a point filled with an abundance of benevolent, highly intelligent, egoless, immaterial energy, is, when fully conscious, the cause of the conscious realization of an abundance of material cosmic energy. This peace triggers insights and inventions in scientists, which make non-peaceful defense unnecessary because they contain nothing but the quite natural intention of peace, the peaceful existence of the original human being.
This explains Prof. Unger’s reference to possible nuclear technologies without geological repositories and power generation with radiation from space and their natural exclusive availability for peaceful use. As a result, the development of technological security includes the absolute absence of an intention to kill, or the possibility of killing, because the immaterial consciousness in the material human body knows only peace, unaware of the slightest need for defense.
Essence for other parallel system characteristics of the immaterial and material: The immaterial consciousness in its perfect peace existence creates together with its creator adequate perfect peace conditions without any trace of being able to hurt, so being hurt in the material world.
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a new world design
preventive peace exercises at PEACE and ETHICS  …. Science in Silence


Paramahamsa Tewari, Former Executive Director of the Nuclear Power Corporation, Dep. of Atomic Energy, India
The awareness about the ONE immaterial source of energy from beyond the universe that re-creates the fundamental particles of matter, and with their combination, all matter of the universe, such as galaxies, stars, etc., will lead to the development of new technologies.
It is an absolute call of this time, to put heartfelt emphasis on the fact, that this divine invisible spark of immaterial energy is the basis of all creation of a new world.
Without the ONE immaterial energy not even a spec of matter can be created or transformed in the universe.

We are called to remember this energy and link with it, as it is our original nature to be in its divine, protecting company, that makes us understand this huge ongoing change, and promote and handle it with utmost non-violent wisdom.

The world will recognize that if it wants non-violent truth on earth, not ignorance and illusion as up to now, it has to respect the consequence of the fact that the reality of time is not based on the measurement of atomic or subatomic space, but on the aware mento-intellectual experience of the immaterial timeless space that arises through the conscious recognition of the ever perfect,  immaterial original spark of all creation.
This immaterial spark, the origin of the real existence of the universe, is indelible LIGHT, the only eternal constancy existing, everything else in perfection ITS immaterial or material creation.


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