Peace & Ethics

Realistic Hope

We know that our consciousness produces the universal conditions, so our world. Then, how do we attain the highest conscious quality of our mind and intellect that provides new, healthy, abundant conditions and technology on earth?
The quote attributed to Einstein, “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it”, confirms the need for a re-awakening of mankind’s original awareness, that is extremely loving, and highly intelligent, yet, at the same time free from arrogance.

If we let go of the fear and greed-based attitude of this world and take a step of courage, this ancient and new awareness can reveal itself to each human being. If we widen our view beyond so far rational thinking and the tunnel-vision of specialization upon specialization…if we choose to listen to our higher intuition at every step. Then, we can adopt a new kind of ethics that replaces internal and external violence with love, mutual respect, humility and real self esteem. If we gently let go for a moment of now belief systems and harsh intellectual concepts and find the deepest truth by connecting ourselves with the source of truth, that is, a spark of energy from beyond the universe of matter. Then, our inner world will be nourished by the recognition of our immaterial origin and will be abundant, and the outer world, people, matter, so technology, will start to mirror this and bring about long lasting non-violent solutions.
In this new awareness, we stop suppressing our inner conscience, and peace, love, non-violence and plenty become our natural nature, the more we link with that divine source that recreates our ancient ethical stability.
We will live in a new awakened collective consciousness of peace and the world of scarcity, slavery, and inequality will end and usher in an era that our aware-self remembers and recalls into reality.
This conscious call is the trigger for it to by and by arise and become stable, practical and technological solution.

Let us recall it and be inextinguishable p e a c e and non violent p o w e r… and let us allow matching material energy and ethically clean technology to take a practical refined creator role on this very globe.

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